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  • Data rates in 4G Facts
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They are the high speed networks which works on 4G technology that can be used to watch high resolution movie online. They provide the speed of 20 to 100 Mbps. They are still in development but it was tested last year . This technology is also called MAGIC.This provide the global support and the have integrated wireless techniques.

4g technology

Facts:They are around 2000 times than normal speed data speed and 10 times faster than the 3G. They are also 10-20 times faster than ADSL.

Powerpoint presentation Title: 4G Technology PowerPoint Presentation

Companies working on 4G technology:

This technology has been developed by many companies like Alcatel, Nortel, Motorola, HP, LG electronics etc.

Youtube video for overview on presentation.

Key technology:

Wi-max: They are also like Wi-MAX. Wi-Max uses OFDMA technology and they can be accessed within the mile. They have taken away the limitations of the cable or DSL modem.

Use of 4G Technology

4G technology is the advanced technology that can be used for live streaming of Video and even broadcasting TV. You can do video calls; play non-stop games, video conferencing and use cloud computing features.

Services: These services are used in the few countries in the world like Korea, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kongby network operators like NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone KK. There is lot more technologies on which research are going on like OFDM, MC-CDMA, SDR,MIMO etc.

Generation timeline: Earlier 2g services are used, they are very slow, they don’t even access video calls while 3G was fast and it support video calling. They support high quality multimedia with global roaming. At last 4G that is the fast and the best.

4G Technology Seminar PPT Download

They can be used for virtual navigation, tele-geo-processing like GIS, GPS. They save very much time.  4G Technology can be used for making the Voice over internet Protocol with the help of IPv6. In last we can say that they are the fasted network or broadband connection.

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