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Artificial intelligence seminar topic covers detailed notes on different topics with a ppt slide presentation for free download.

It is the advance `technology that contains people that have advance knowledge about the computer and they work with machine with proper coordination with the help of proper hardware and software. They require proper knowledge and data to demonstrate their intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and cryptography technologies are used to develop applications in the field of intelligence for secured data communication.

artificial intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence PPT Topics:

Intelligence behavior: It can handle situations that are complex and they can solve complex problems even when the proper information.They identify the important task, understand the task in less time and then manipulate their work.

Turing test: When they go for test then need to identify the response from the computer and human are different or not.

Intelligent behavior:Have their own characteristics: they learn from the previous work and then apply that knowledge they have learned.They have the capability to handle the complex situations. They can solve the problem even the important data is missing. AI is used in the different fields like:

Robotics:used to make robots that perform task its own and take decisions. The space that is used to send on the other planets is controlled by the Robots. A robot names Lucy was developed for the research purpose to develop some novels.

 Vision systems:that consists of hardware and software and computers that can capture images and pictures and manipulate it. They are capable of understanding eh natural language that is English. They can there command on the basis of feedback from the user. They are made from neural network that works like human brain and stimulate the message like human body.

Artificial Intelligence Seminar PPT Presentation

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