Wireless Power Transmission PPT

Wireless power transmission PPT presentation is useful for electronics and communication students for final year project presentation.

Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless Power Transmission

List of contents in PPT Presentation:

Project Introduction

Principle of Operation

Basic principle of inductive power transmission

Block diagram

Inductance calculation

List of components

Theory of components used in this project

PCB design

Receiving circuit

Detailed explanation about this project is provided in project report. Download full project report from below link.

Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission 

Project Introduction:

Wireless energy transfer concept is useful for transferring energy without any connectivity. This process takes place in many existing systems where electrical power is transmitted from power source to electrical load with out using any connectivity.

Advantages of Wireless Power Transmission:

This method is a Convenient process

There is no need for battery recharging or replacing batteries

Reduces cost for using costly power cords

Continuous available of battery no chance of loss of battery power

Cost for maintenance will be reduced and provides better solution for fixing weakest links and mechanical interconnections

Environmental friendly.

Working Interface:

The working interfaces are clearly explained in the below sections the system fabrication include the computer design i.e. printed circuit board design, fabrication, marking, soldering, receiver circuit and the transmitter circuit assembly. We designed and implemented a sample model in this project and results obtained are satisfactory.

Download Wireless Power Transmission PPT Presentation

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