PPT on RFID Based Attendance System Project

RFID Based attendance system  Project ppt paper presentation covers basic information which is useful for developing this project a final year project or mini project.

RFID Based Attendance System Project

List of contents covered in PPT

Project Introduction

Block diagram

RFID block diagram and its functionality

Antenna explanation

MicroController block diagram 

Project Introduction: 

Main objective of this project is to develop a simple RFID project through which attendance process will be integrated with security system and reduce manual work for lecturers for taking attendance. 

Applications of RFID Attendance System: 

This application is useful in offices for automatic updating employees daily attendance details to database.

We can use this application is colleges, schools, government offices, private offices, software companies. 

Youtube video link to view full presentation.


Advantages of this system: 

This system will reduce manual work and reduce employees for handling attendance details.

No chances of loosing data because data is stored in database.

Time taken for attendance will be reduced, when student or employee enters in to room he swipes card based on that data is stored in database. 

Download RFID based Attendance system project PPT. 

Students can download project report, abstract, block diagram from below reference links.

Useful Links: 

RFID Based Attendance System Project

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