Crime Management System

Crime management system project ppt presentation explains about design details useful for developing this project. Main objective of crime information system is to design a simple software application using vb.net programming language for police department for computerizing different types of tasks included daily process.

crime management system

This PPT covers:

Introduction to project

Project analysis model design

software and hardware requirement details

data flow diagram (dfd) 

E-R diagram

Police Master block diagram

sequence and flow diagram for different modules

screen shots.

Project Description:

In present trend most of the managing work is done through software applications. But there are few areas like police department where most of the work is done through manual work. In order to make work computerized we are providing design details for developing this project in presentation.

This presentation will help students to understand basic requirement and functionality and design specifications for understanding this project.

Project source code and Project report:

Along with presentation students can download full project source code in asp.net, vb.net, java from useful links provided below. This code and report has full details about this project.

Download Crime Management System project PPT

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Crime Information Management System

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