Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PPT

Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PPT Paper Presentation covers

  1. Military Routing
  2. characteristics of various interfaces
  3. convergence goals 
  4. specific issues in manet networks

There are many types of networks like mobile that keep on changing, Ad-hoc network that are not engineered and few are the applications that uses network to communicate like sensors, military and automotive. Sensor networks are the low power networks and they are randomly distributed.Military persons use these networks on their battle tankers to communicate with each other.

Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PPT

Routing Mechanism in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks:

According to the bellman ford Moore of in the any graph there is spanning tree. These is used in the formation of the algorithms,arc is selected that determines the bandwidth and the link speed.We need to send to the route request between the networks. This route builds the requested source on the network, then the target respond to the requested route.

If we change the routing the node connected to the link might not work any longer. Then that node might ask for changing the source node and forward the cached route again. They are mostly used in the simulations and for the testing purpose.

PPT over view:

 A route can send a message, response to the message and then even show error if any. This route is stored by the network. If we will not refresh the route then it will expire.  When the upper route expires then the lower users are notified to flush the route otherwise soon it will also expire.

They are used in the topology that acts a router between the hosts. They also form the backbone of the connection. They minimize the transformation again or re-transmission  In this network every node acts as hosts.  They require high computational and messaging techniques. Every protocol needs to be tested so as to approve whether working or not and they also require experimentation.

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