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Cloud computing ppt seminar abstract presents detailed explanation on cloud computing advantages, components, types..etc which are shown in ppt slides.

Cloud computing is the internet based application that is the most important in the computing world. It means that storing information everything on cloud instead of computer. Every data and application can be stored on the cloud without even the knowledge of the cloud or the process it evolves.

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We can run any application with the help of internet. After the storing the application and the data on the cloud we can host or access the directly on the servers instead of individual computer. It also offers business application that can be run on the cloud while the original data and the software remain on the computer or the server.

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Paper Presentation PPT Topic: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Advantages:

 They don’t require large cost and have very high performance. Software cost is also less. You can store unlimited data on the cloud with the regular update of the software. Data that we store are reliable and secure on the cloud.

Components: It includes cloud client, services, application, platform and infrastructure. They support web 2.0 for the connectivity and the interactivity of the web content services for the different platforms. They use grid computation that has more than one definition and they can be used in the parallel.

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Types: There are three types of cloud computing is done like public, hybrid and private. We just need an internet connection to connect to the cloud from the PC.

Disadvantages: But there are few issues for the cloud computing for the users like they don’t take responsibility of the data of the users and they have limited the freedom of the user and they have made the user dependent on them. If the data is losses from the cloud then there is no chance of getting back that might create the problem for the users. So it requires little more advancement in terms of data storage and the security.

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